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Honda Civic and RXS

Magnum Powers announces our MPx 90 cubic inch supercharger upgrade kit for supercharged Honda Civic and Acura RSX using either a CT-e or Jackson Racing M62 supercharger kits. The MPx charger increases power from about 270whp with the M62 to 383whp with the MPx Click here to see dyno chart: and increases boost from about 9psi to 17psi. Experience driving a Civic SI or RSX with 383 hp, it's crazy fast!

Ford Lightning

Magnum Powers offers several components for Lightning owners that are well know for their quality and performance. These parts include the Magnum Powers supercharger case, Magnum Powers Idler Bracket, MP HD Adjustable Belt Tensioner & the "Big O" throttle body Thundebird Supercoupe Magnum Powers has a full line of products for the Thunderbird Supercoupe including the MPX90 supercharger, Throttle Bodies, Intake Plenums, Cold Air Kits and Intercoolers. MP Services Magnum Powers also offers machine shop services that include Magnum Powers Supercharger (Blower) Porting and Rebuild Services. Eaton M45/M62/M90 Supercharger Rebuilds & M90 Supercharger Rotor Pack Rebuild
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Magnum Powers


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NEW! Magnum Powers is introducing a new Supercharger Kit for the 2000-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ featuring the MPx90 Supercharger. The Magnum Powers Supercharger kit including an independent supercharger belt drive system so you can configure the kit for boost from 7psi to 20psi and power up to 375HP+! If you order right now you will recieve 10% off our Jeep TJ Kit Free shipping too! Enter MP10USA at bthe checkout.
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· Key Features: Supercharger MPx90 – 90 cubic inch positive displacement supercharger Supercharger Drive – Independent – Optional pulley sizes available Intercooler – Water-to-Air type with electric pump standard Boost Pressure – 9 psi to 20 psi depending on pulley configuration/options Full Boost – Idle to Redline 85mm Throttle Body option available for high boost applications Fuel Injectors – 51 #/hr – supports up to 350hp Tuning – Split-Second piggy-back system
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Magnum Powers, LLC (Magnum Powers Superchargers) specials in aftermarket Induction systems for cars and trucks, supercharger kits and upgrades including intercoolers, throttle bodies, intake plenums and Cold Air Intakes. Supercharger services include porting, rebuilding, custom powder coating and polishing. If you do not see your car listed give us a call, chances are if your car has a Roots style supercharger we can help you. In addition to our standard parts we also provides supercharger consulting, design and manufacturing services to companies requiring forced induction solutions to meet their customer’s needs. Our state-of- the-art design capability plus our network of manufactures allows us to offer cost effective solutions from short run to high volume production. Give us a call if you have a  product idea but need help turning it into reality.                                                 
Magnum Powers supercharger kit in an '01 Jeep TJ
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Watch for Magnum Powers on Two Guys Garage all summer long and watch for the premier of our Jeep TJ supercharger kit install segment in October.
Mad Power for you Jeep Wrangler TJ from Magnum Powers!
Magnum Powers 4th of July 10% off everything sale continues thru July. Enter MP10USA at the checkout.
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