Ford Thunderbird TC Supercharger

Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe

Magnum Powers Ford Thunderbird TC Supercharger customers are making huge power, some running low 11.30-second "All Boost" passes at 123 MPH and many more are running in the mid 11's. Customers with built 3.8L engines are making 390rwhp/469rwtq or more while other with stock Ford 3.8L V6 engines are making 317rwhp/360rwtq.

Whether you are looking to build an 11-second drag race car or a quick car for the street, Magnum Powers has Supercharger related products to help you make your dreams come true at very affordable prices. At Magnum Powers we specialize in Superchargers and related intake components including: Throttle Bodies, Intake Plenums, Cold Air Kits and Intercoolers.

We offer free advice regarding component selection and provide "Power Recipes" to assist you in making component selections. Our "Power Packages" save you money and have been dyno tested so the results are proven and dyno charts are available for your review. Click on "Power Tips" for suggestions and information on how to get the most from your Magnum Powers products and keep coming back as we update "Power Tips" as dyno results come in. Ford Mustang owners are upgrading to M90 Magnum Powers with great success. If you have a Ford Mustang and wish to upgrade to a supercharger call us for details. We also provide Custom Supercharger Porting and rebuild services for Saleen and other Eaton superchargers including the MP 112 supercharger.

Mustang Drifter with T-Bird SC engine sporting a Magnum Powers supercharger: