Magnum Powers Supercharger Kit

Magnum Powers  Supercharger Kit for the 1996-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ featuring the MPx90 Supercharger. The Magnum Powers Supercharger kit including an independent supercharger belt drive system so you can configure the kit for boost from 7psi to 20psi and power up to 390HP+!

Key Features:

  • Supercharger MPx90 – 1500cc positive displacement supercharger
  • Supercharger Drive – Independent – Optional pulley sizes available
  • Intercooler – Water-to-Air type with electric pump standard
  • Boost Pressure – 9 psi to 20 psi depending on pulley configuration/options
  • Full Boost – Idle to Redline
  • 85mm Throttle Body option available for high boost applications
  • Fuel Injectors – 60 #/hr – supports up to 400hp
  • Tuning – Unichip / HP Tuners