Magnum Powers Valve Spring Tool

Magnum Powers Valve Spring ToolMagnum Powers Valve Spring Tool eliminates the frustration involved in replacing the valve springs when the engine is in the truck. With these tools both valve springs on one cylinder can be replaced in 15 minutes plus the time to remove and replace the valve covers. Click here to learn why you may want to upgrade your valve springs. The top left tool pictured above is a "cam" that fits under the camshaft and straddles the camshaft lobe. The lower left-hand tool is a "follower" that has a hole on one end that fits over the "hydraulic adjuster" and the other end has a yoke that straddles the valve stem. The tool to the right holds the "Retainer Clips" on the valve stem when the valve spring is compressed and it slides up the valve stem releasing the clips into the retainer when the valve spring is released. Anyone who has attempted to install the retainer clips by sticking them on the end of a screw driver with some grease will appreciate this tool. The first step is to remove the follower from under the camshaft and replace it with the "Tool Follower" pictured Right. Note how the Tool Follower has a yoke at one end that straddles the valve stem.

Magnum Powers Valve Spring Tool Photo 2Next the Cam Tool is slipped under the camshaft as picture left in the non-compressed position.
Notice how the Cam Tool rubs against the two "humps" on the Follower Tool. A few drops of engine oil allows the Cam Tool to be rotated easily. Next the CamĀ 
Tool is rotated so that it presses down and compresses the valve spring as shown left. Once the Cam Tool is rotated to the compressed position it "locks" in place freeing your hands for other work. Notice at the top of the picture there is a 3/8" square hole in the end of the Cam Tool. A 3/8" ratchet wrench or 3/8" breaker bar is inserted into this hole to rotate the cam. Once the cam is rotated to the compressedMagnum Powers Valve Spring Tool Photo 3position the ratchet wrench can be removed. The retaining clips can then be removed, the cam rotated to the up position and the spring removed and the new spring installed and the cam rotated to the compressed position as shown above.

Magnum Powers Valve Spring Tool Photo 4Pictured brights the "Clip Tool" with the retainer clips inserted in the open position. The clips are
held in place with a small amount of grease. The Clip Tool is spring loaded so once it is placed over the valve stem it holds the clips in place freeing your hands. Once the retaining clips are in place the Cam Tool can be rotated to the uncompressed position as shown below.As the valve spring is allowed to expand the retainer moves up causing the Clip Tool to slide up the valve stem as the retaining clips are captured by the retainer. And that is it, one valve spring replaced. If your engine has some miles on it you may want to consider replacing the valve stem seals that you can see to the left of the spring being worked on.