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Magnum Powers specializes in aftermarket induction systems for cars and trucks, supercharger kits and upgrades including intercoolers, throttle bodies, intake plenums and cold air intakes. Magnum Powers Manufacturing & Services include supercharger porting and rebuilding, abradive rotor coating, custom powder coating and polishing. If you do not see your blower listed give us a call. Chances are if your car has a Roots style Eaton supercharger we can help you.

In addition to our standard parts we also provide supercharger consulting, design and manufacturing services to companies requiring forced induction solutions to meet their customers needs. Our state-of-the-art design capability plus our network of manufactures allows us to offer cost effective solutions from short run to high volume production. Give us a call if you have a  product idea but need help turning it into reality.

Magnum Powers Shop Services

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Magnum Powers (Blower) Porting and Nose Rebuild  - $640
Eaton supercharger porting increases volumetric efficiency by increasing boost by 2 psi to 4 psi while lowering exit temperature. Depending on the supercharger size, the power is increased by 20hp to 60hp.

Supercharger Nose rebuild (Eaton M45, M62, M90, M112 and M122) - $425
Nose rebuild includes replacement of bearings, seal, disassembly, reassembly and new supercharger oil that's required by Eaton.

Supercharger Rotor Pack (Gen I, Gen II, Gen III and Gen IV) - $545
Rotor Pack (Gen I, Gen II, Gen III and Gen IV)  - includes replacement of bearings and seals in the rotor pack, disassembly and reassembly. The gears are pressed back in our special fixture to ensure rotor timing is perfect.

Complete Eaton Supercharger Rebuilt including Nose and Rotor Pack Rebuild for (Gen I, Gen II, Gen III and Gen IV) - $799
Eaton Supercharger Rebuilt includes Nose and Rotor Pack Rebuild. Also includes replacement of nose bearing, seal and both bearings/seals in the rotor pack.  The rear bearings are either replaced or re-packed with the original grease Eaton requires.

Eaton Supercharger Porting  (Gen I, Gen II, Gen III and Gen IV)  - $575
Eaton Supercharger Porting (Gen I, Gen II, Gen III and Gen IV)   - Porting includes the inlet and outlet port. Port shape was developed on our supercharger dyno. A device other competitors do not have access to.

Cadillac CTS Supercharger Porting - $675
Cadillac CTS Supercharger porting increases power by 50hp.

Corvette ZR1 Supercharger Porting - $675
Corvette ZR1 Supercharger porting increases power by 50hp.

Supercharger Rotor and Case Abradable Coating (increases efficiency and reliability)

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Eaton rotors pack abradable coating including rotor pack rebuild (Gen I, Gen II, Gen III) - $799 
If you have an early Eaton M90 supercharger with the 9 bolt pattern we can have the rotors coated with an
abradable coating which Eaton uses for their Gen 4, Gen 5 and TVS superchargers. This package also includes Magnum Powers bearing plate which incorporates Gen 5 trapped air ports.  Magnum Powers independent testing verified 10% increase in power and lowered exit air temperatures.  Cars that came with this supercharger include: Thunderbird Super Coupe, Buick Regal and Jaguar.

GMC style roots superchargers
Brands GMC, Weiand, Dyers and others - coating is abradable so that any coating that interferes with the case or rotors will be scrubbed off. This is tantamount to the rings breaking-in an engine. The coating will increase the supercharger's efficiency by increasing boost from 2 psi to 4 psi as well as increase reliability. Models are listed below:

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