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Magnum Powers Supercharger Kit

Magnum Powers  Supercharger Kit for the 1996-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ featuring the MPx90 Supercharger. The Magnum Powers Supercharger kit including an independent supercharger belt drive system so you can configure the kit for boost from 7psi to 20psi and power up to 390HP+! Key Features: Supercharger MPx90 – 1500cc positive displacement supercharger Supercharger Drive – Independent – Optional pulley sizes available Intercooler – Water-to-Air type with electric pump standard Boost Pressure – 9 psi to 20 .

JPFreek Adventure Magazine

Eric Walton of JPFREEK Adventure Magazine chronicled his average Joe installation process of a Magnum Powers Jeep supercharger kit in his ‘05 Jeep Rubicon. Then proceeded in driving it to Moab and back and then some.Eric will write about both his installation and Scott Bove ‘s Team Tech Racing installation with thier full dyno data which will cover the issues surrounding the stock 4L head re cooling, air flow restrictions, spring length and spring .

Honda Civic and Acura RSX Superchargers

Magnum Powers is proud to announce our MPx 90 cubic inch supercharger is now available to upgrade either a Comptech or Jackson Racing M62 supercharger kit. This much larger supercharger is our design and features much better performance then either a Eaton M62 or M90. Our kits include our high performance 90 cubic inch supercharger, intake plenum, manifold adapter plate and all required hardware required to install it. This kit is intended to upgrade .