Jeep Wrangler Superchargers

Magnum Powers Jeep Wrangler Superchargers

Jeep Wrangler/Rubicon TJ/LJ  2000 - 2006 4.0L

It’s all about the torque the torque the torque - 305 ft/lbs and 250 hp at the wheels stock 4.0L

Jeep Supercharger KitMagnum Powers Jeep Wrangler Supercharger TJ (2000 - 2006) kit for manual transmissions adds over 100 foot pounds of torque and 115 hp to the tire. Our "High Boost" versions can add 250 foot pounds of torque and 250+ hp to the tire alone! Click here to see Dyno Chart for more information. Please note, in the Jeep advertisements, they call out engine hp not wheel hp, which is about 25% in higher numbers then wheel horse power. Most supercharger providers call out engine horse power as well so don't let this confuse you. Jeep claims the engine pushes 190hp and we are sure it does. However, a stock Jeep TJ produces only 135hp to thetire which is a huge difference. This can be accounted for by considering drive line losses, accessory drag and chassis components that reduce hp, such as the exhaust system and intake components, as well as the intake tube and air filter.

- This is a positive displacement supercharger for Boost from Idle to Red line. No more waiting for Boost to come on, our supercharger starts adding Boost from 500 RPM'. Positive Displacement superchargers are known for making torque and low end power and that is what a Jeep Wrangler TJ needs!

- It has an efficient water-to-air intercooler system. Which means you no longer need to run methanol or limit boost and power as other systems do. Our kit has an independent supercharger drive


- The Supercharger Kit does not use the accessory belt to drive the supercharger. Instead we've designed a Magnum Powers kit with a separate supercharger drive belt so that the crank and supercharger pulley can be easily changed for boost from 5PSI to 20PSI. It would have been much cheaper to drive the supercharger with the accessory belt as all others

 do, but we chose to spare no expense and run an independent supercharger drive system, so the crank pulley could be made larger for more low end power and torque. This is a huge feature that no other supplier provide.

- The Magnum Powers system is totally upgradable. So if you want to start with a low boost for instance, especially if you're on a budget, than you can do this. Than later with simple low cost pulley changes you can increase boost as much as your budget can afford in fuel injectors, fuel pumps, etc., as needed to support more power.

- All fits under the stock Jeep Wrangler hood which means there is no need to install a body lift kit or new hood.

- All the hardware needed for installation is included.

-  The kit runs on its own belt drive system.

Easy upgrades for more power!

- And it includes our 2-Year limited warranty.    

-For off road use only.  

Golen Engine Development’s 4.6 stroker Engine with Magnum Powers’ Supercharger kit 385hp/495ft-lbs torque!!!