MP’s Eaton Rotors Pack Abradable Coating


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Magnum Powers Eaton rotors pack abradable coating including rotor pack rebuild (Gen I, Gen II, Gen III)

 If you have an early Eaton M90 supercharger with the 9 bolt pattern we can have the rotors coated with anabradable coating as Eaton uses for their Gen 4, Gen 5 and TVS superchargers. This package also includes ourbearing plate that incorporated Gen 5 trapped air ports.  Independent testing verified 10% increase in power and at the same time lowers exit air temperatures.  Cars that came with this supercharger includes; Thunderbird SuperCoupe, Buick Regal and Jaguar.

  • Manufacturer: Magnum Powers
  • Manufacturer’s Product Number: MProtorCoat_EATON


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